4 comments on “Gundam AGE 16-28 720p

  1. lol 720p 😛
    what’s with all the gundam stuff anyway ? 😉

    i moved again btw, so update your site link.

  2. It’s the bulk of what i’m working on right now haha, and kind of the bulk of what i’ve done in general, few randoms .hack and stuff but for the most part Gundamuuuu. Lol. I’m not a fan of 720, go big or go home…but the demand is there. ;p

    Anyways, link updated. Happy easter moogz.

      • it’s not broken, i just wasnt home 😛
        there’s a pile of anti-spam measures in place there, i REALLY dont feel like repeating what happened with my old site.

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